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Photoshop Tutorial Smart object mockup
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Ariyo Galih @pamandolit
30 January 2014

Hi there..
This time i wanna share about simple tutorial using Smart Object to make laptop mockup perspective done by Adobe Photoshop, this kind presentation is common these days in many crowdsourcing website used by designers to improve their design perspective in various future implementation.

Step 1

Find some laptop photography on internet, or you can take picture of your own laptop for originality purpose. After that, open the image in photoshop and locked the layer for safety. For this sample i’m downloading the laptop image from this website.

Step 2

After open the images in photoshop, now create a layer rename it into smart object or whatever yo want, then press shortcut “U” then find “custom shape” and choose “Grid Shape”.


Then drag into rectangle depend on laptop monitor image, no need to exact fill for this.. just similar from edge to edge.

Now the important part is convert the layer into smart object


After convert your layer into smart object, select your smart object layer and right click on photoshop display area grid shape “free transform” then choose “distort” setting and match the rectangle edge into actual laptop display images one by one for perfect match.


After matched the edge correctly into laptop display, now just double click the smart object layer that you created recently and photoshop will open new windows called [yourlayername].psb and you can place your logo / wallpaper / images t