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“Enjoyable my weekend with my grandma”
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ASRI GUNARTI @asrigunarti
23 December 2014

qaaaaAfternoon all my friends …

still enjoy our weekend,, i go to my grandma with my daughter, my niece n my nephew.. they are very cute kids.. n very happy if i bringing there.. i cooking some food for our breakfast like cook a rice… n salty fish,,, hehehehh very delicious i trying.

after that, i cutting the plant of bean,, and i cook it also.. i add much salt in the hot water,, smells good,, very good.. n this is the firs time i bringing the kids to my town KP, CIMAJA GIRANG.. i was born there..

i invite the other people to try my foods.. n they are try it,, for the ex,, one peolple say thats my food its very LEKKER(enak). i Said thankfulness to her.. her name its my Grandma.. She always make me happy although my food its not delicious,, i never cry there always happy,, n happy..

i remeber my mom in aboard.. little beat sadness.. but im still have grandma,, my famz…. n all of my friend aroud my self always loving me……. especially my husband,, he always make me some surprised whe he come in …. when closing the retaurant..