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Does ShowBox need alternative?
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Kara Smith @showboxapk
22 December 2016


Showbox is an ultimate movie streaming application that needs no introduction. Showbox has been listed on the top list of movie applications due to its extraordinary entertainment content and unlimited downloading speed.

Showbox is like a blessing in disguise for most of its users. Without fail the application has an ultimate entertainment quality as compared to its alternatives.


If we say Netflix is an undisputed leader in movie streaming, it is not wrong but if compared to ShowBox it is difficult to compare. Showbox for pc being a free application is the most used app for movie downloading whereas Netflix has restricted this quality. Therefore, Netflix cannot be kept as an comparative criteria for ShowBox.




User interface

Now if you compare ShowBox with other applications then ShowBox has its user interface as the biggest advantage. ShowBox has a beautiful gothic user interface that is enough for enticing people. It has a very simple user interface where all the basic features and buttons are available on the home page for example quick menu, notification option, language and subtitles choices and much more are available. Thus making the application much more easier than before.

Other applications need to be understood at the first look which of course takes time. I am sure that is actually going to be time consuming and disadvantageous for you.


Regular updates

The other comparison lies in its content and regular updates. While most of the users wait for updates and notification for new episodes and latest released movies, Showbox gets its users regular updates like new tv shows: Modern family, friends, gothem, Game of thrones, Vampire diaries, Supernatural’s and Family guy. Movies: Suicide squad, interstellar, gravity, dirty thirty and many more.

Other applications may not give the same quality and updates regularly on your Smartphone and this is the biggest disadvantage for movie streaming applications.


ShowBox may show you some tantrums sometimes but that surely is no disadvantage according to me as most of the applications does show you these tantrums. Therefore Showbox can be on the positive side as it is also providing you one of the best features ever.

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