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How to Get Movies And TV Shows On iOS Devices
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gshowbox @gshowbox
15 December 2016

Showbox download for Mac was made available for windows, Linux and Mac users. If you like to access premium entertainment content for free, then this is the right place. Before downloading, make sure that you are running on Mac OS X 10.7 and later. This is because of the Showbox app compatible only with Mac OS 10.7 and above only.

This feature is what it keeps Showbox in the first position and it is very catchy. If you are watching movies on Showbox for Mac at a distance and you want to access controls. Then you have to struggle a lot. But Showbox has a remote app where you can connect via IP address to your mac and control Showbox. The app is readily available for iOS and android users.

Watch full length HD movies on your device. showbox app for iPad air that allows you to watch torrents online. Now, in order to install the program, not necessarily to do the jailbreak.

showbox concentrates on carefully chosen movies organized in people’s favorite genres – like action & adventure, animation, Comedy, documentary, drama, family and kids, foreign, horror, music & performing arts, mystery and suspense, romance, SciFi, fantasy, sport & fitness, war, Western .

  1. To change the date on your device (Settings → General → date and time) on 16 September.
  2. Visit this link, enter the password “1234” and download the apps like showbox to watch movies
  3. To confirm the installation from unknown source.
  4. Confirm the installation of the new application.
  5. After installing the app run it the first time. If you do not do this before transferring time ago,Movie Box will not start next time.
  6. Set the time back (Settings – General – date and time – Automatically).

I think that all AppleTV owners are thrilled with its possibilities of streaming, including AirPlay, is available for all Apple devices. Watch a film online without downloading it – priceless (for everything else there is MasterCard).

First, there is no need to wait until the film is downloaded, and secondly, you can do only one iOS device, without the help of a laptop or desktop computer. It is a pity that without jailbreaking you can’t watch torrents. And preferably without downloading them to your device. Or is it possible?

For those who think that it is unessential to pay for movies, especially to watch them on mobile devices is not the best option just yet and will need a service MovieBox . In fact it is a kind of library of free content, access to which is based on the BitTorrent technology. The developers compiled a catalogue of popular movies that you can watch in the app and can be downloaded to your device.

To install it, however, have to do some simple manipulation, as officially in the App store app is not available, for obvious reasons. So, what you need to do:

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