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Ten Misunderstandings Of Home Buyers
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Barbarosa @barbarosa
10 July 2017

1. You Need 20% Down Payment To Buy A Home

Step one in the house buying process is to buy pre-qualified or pre-approved for any mortgage. A very good lender will understand your circumstances and recommend the very best mortgage for you personally. You can buy shadow box ideas for your home.  The listed loan programs are for buyers of the primary residence.

There are many kinds of loans and different down payment requirements.

In New Mexico, there‘s a very first-time home buyers program that enables very first-time home buyers to purchase a home having a payment of $500. Check with your state or community to see what kinds of very first-time home buyers programs exist.

If you‘re a Veteran or active service and satisfy the VA requirements, you are able to purchase a home with 0 down payment.

Federal Housing Administration (FHA ) loans demand a down payment of only 3. 5%.

There will be conventional loans with down payments of 3%, 5%, or 10%

You will need closing cost with these loans except the very first time home buyers loan and also the VA home loan.

Remember that in case you do not pay 20 percent down, you might be needed to pay mortgage insurance (MI ).

2. Pre-Approval Is The Same As Pre-Qualification

Pre-qualification and pre-approval aren‘t a similar thing. To obtain pre-qualified, you provide your lender basic financial information in regards to you, for example income, debts, property, and employment history. The lender uses these details to allow them to determine what type of loan you are able to be eligible for a and estimate just simply the amount you would be eligible to borrow.

The lender would require additional documentation and verification of information you provided. The lender will determine if you‘re pre-qualified after complete overview of all information. You will need to complete a mortgage application after your lender evaluates your financial background and credit ratings.

Sellers and real estate agents won‘t take you serious like a home buyer when you have not been pre-qualified or pre-approved. Get pre-approved that will put yourself in the very best negotiating position.

3. Down Payment Is The Only Up Front Cost To Buy A Home

When purchasing a home you‘ll need enough cash to pay out the earnest money deposit, down payment, closing costs, moving costs, and possibly repairs after you purchase the home. In certain markets, you‘ll need cash to cover inspections and also the appraisal early on. Additionally, you might want to purchase new furniture or appliances. Buyers need to ensure they‘ve enough money to cover these costs.

It is necessary that buyers don‘t purchase anything on credit throughout the home buying process. Buying something on credit might alter financial capcapacity to qualify for any home loan.

4. Home Buyers Need Excellent Credit

You do not have to possess excellent credit, you only need good credit. In many cases you can aquire a loan having a credit score of 640 or more, in some instances you are able to qualify for any loan having a credit score as low as 580. To get the very best mortgage rates available, you always need to have excellent credit. The decrease your credit, the higher the interest rate you‘ll pay, if it is low enough, you won‘t be offered a loan in the least.

5. Income Determines How Much You Can Borrow To Buy A Home

Actually it‘s a mixture of your income, credit score, and also your debt. Lenders will calculate something called debt to income ratio. There‘s a cap in your debt to income ratio. In case your debt to income ratio is just too high, you won‘t often get a mortgage.

6. Seller Pays All Closing Costs

Closing costs are often paid from the seller and also the buyer. Everything is negotiable in real estate transactions. Typically there‘s a customary closing cost split involving the buyer and seller. Ask your real estate agent about customary closing cost split with your community.

Is a few cases the seller can be ready to pay some or a lot of the buyers closing costs. However, it should be negotiated involving the buyer and seller.

The kind of real estate market, offer price, and seller’s motivation determine whether or not they are ready to pay buyers closing costs.

7. List Price Is The Selling

The value a home sells for is dependent upon the current real estate market. Inside a sellers’ market, It‘s common for homes to sell above listing price. Inside a buyer’s market, It‘s common for homes to sell for lower than list price. Are you currently inside a buyer’s market or perhaps a seller’s market? A very good real estate agent will let you will know the in regards to the local real estate market.

The motivation and equity in the house plays an enormous role inside the sales price. Motivated sellers will sell their home for lower than asking price. However some sellers don‘t have enough equity to sell their home without writing a check at closing. These sellers will over price their home in hope that some


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A skilled real estate agent with understanding of the marketplace will help you make the ideal decision when one thinks of making an offer.

8. All Real Estate Agents Are The Same

Real estate agents are just like all other profession. There are excellent real estate agents and a few, not so great. You‘ll need an agent that knows the marketplace and also has lots of experience. Experience comes as just how many transactions will they complete each year. Some real estate agents work only part-time like a real estate agent. Find an agent with experience, one you can rely on, you you are able to work with.

9. Seller Will Make Repairs To Their Home

It‘s critical to obtain the appropriate home inspections just before purchasing a home. After inspections, your real estate agent will assist one to negotiate repairs to become made from the seller.

The buyer and seller must arrived at an agreement acceptable to one another. Check along with your real estate agent to comprehend the conditions with your purchase agreement when the buyer and seller cannot reach an agreement.

10. It is Cheaper To Rent Than Buy A Home

This is among the most controversial topics surrounding buying versus selling, and it also really does come right all the way down to a private decision. There will be benefits to purchasing a home and there will be benefits to renting a home. You most likely Shouldn‘t purchase a home if you don‘t plan in which to stay the home for a minimum of 3 or 4 years. It‘ll cost you about 8% to 10% from the sales price to sell your residence. If homes are increasing in value by 3% each year, it will require you 3 years to interrupt even.

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