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jual pemadam kebakaran
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robetjanuar @robetjanuar
07 September 2017

Occupational safety and health (K3) conditions of companies in Indonesia are generally estimated to be low including the number of workplace accidents which resulted in disability and deaths. Yet the progress of the company is determined the role of quality of workforce.

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Due to the increasingly complex nature of the industrial sector, there are many sources of potential fire hazards. Fire hazard is one of the main enemies in every production activity. By paying attention to the many adverse effects caused by fire hazards suffered by both workers and employers then it is time in the working environment to provide safety means to maintain the health and safety of workers especially in the industrial field vulnerable to fire risk. But the current reality of the use of various materials, machinery, work tools, energy, poor work processes, lack of skills and job training, and the absence of knowledge about the source of danger in industrialization has the potential to cause a fire. jual pemadam kebakaran

Fire is an event that occurs due to uncontrolled energy sources. This cycle contains sequences by series of events (dynamics events) that start from pre events, events and cycles and the consequences that accompany it. The incident will be created if the conditions and some of the originator conditions are met, especially during pre-event.

There are points that are the basic requirements that if the control fails will trigger the event, then it will enter the stage uncontrollable and difficult to extinguish. Conditions such conditions include there are materials that can burn, such as oil, natural gas, paper, wood and even dry grass and so forth. Where the combustible material is in certain conditions and encounters the originator immediately will immediately cause a fire. While the originator itself causes quite a lot of them lightning energy, open fire, electricity even just spark sparks. Recent research and surprising fire lighters can also arise due to the frequency of mobile phones.

The incidence of the initial fire continues to be a great fire only takes under 4 minutes or 10 minutes. The 4 -10 minute time dimension results from an assessment and experiential study in which the fire stage has not developed and expanded. After more than that time, the fire will develop into a fla