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Tool to Make Sport Event Management Easier
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sintar @sintar
27 February 2018

There are a lot of events held in a year. Many events are held and of course event management is needed in each event. The same thing is also applied for sport event. A sport event management is needed to make sure that the sport event can run well without any problems during the preparation, execution, and evaluation. In this case, there are a lot of things to do, so committees will have big jobs to complete.

The committees need to be meticulous in managing and preparing the events. They should make sure that all part of the venue and tools can work well. Then, they should also organize the people and what they need. This can be hardest part since there can be many unpredicted things happen. Of course, it needs good management and PouchNATION is able to provide it. This is a tool that can help the committees in organizing the event much easier. This can be so useful in all part of the events related to people management.

This tool is developed to help the payment process. Payment can be done much easier and things are as easy as tapping. Then, from the payment, it can also help the process of registration by using its wristband. This band contain NFC technology and it has direct access to personal data collected in the process f payment and registration. With this, there will no stranger coming to the event. Even, with this wristband, monitoring and tracking each person is very possible, so there will be much easier jobs and tracking sport event management.

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