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Simple Way to Establish Business in Indonesia
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Jodi Wruck @jodiwruck
21 August 2018

One factor related to foreign investors in Indonesia is about permit. As you know, this country has potential to be at the top list at economic growth due to vast population, natural resources, infrastructure, and government support. So, how to build business in Indonesia? If you have company with assets and capital over billion dollars, opening new branch or production site is not the major issue. There are divisions with the main task of legal assessment. On contrary, some private sectors have interest to open new business, but lack of legal understanding. To overcome this situation, you need professional advisor and support.


Permitindo provides offer related to help foreign investors to open new business. You can have consultation about permit and license application. For your information, there are many procedures to get one permit. Furthermore, business in Indonesia requires principal investors to work with local company. You might wait over two years for establishing one office in Indonesia. Moreover, the business will get complex procedure because it intends to hire expatriate. Some skills are not available from local people, which rely on foreign employees. Both problems are what Permitindo offers to overcome.


The service is not just consultation or obtaining permit. You still need to pay taxes, insurances, benefits, employee salary. You can use business-hosting option to let Permitindo hires employees directly from local or expatriate. For payment, you do not have to worry about frustrating procedure just to send salary for employees. https://www.permitindo.com will handle transaction from clients to employees, including bonus or other compensation. On the other side, clients also receive revenue, invoice, and payment from local vendors. Another service is dedicated desk for client’s employees. In this option, you do not have to bother about finding space for worker. The office includes internet, telephone, desk, and other business tool. Those are what make you eager to have business in Indonesia.


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